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This service, automatically created by the AppService with the key pod-notification, allows you to easily send notifications to the Pod owner. See this page for usage examples.


The following service actions are available.


Transform and translate a given template, and send it to the recipient as a notification.


templateObjectTemplate to be transformed and translated (see below)
recipientUriURIRecipient of the notification
activityObjectActivity which triggered the notification, if any
contextURIContext of the notification (by default, the activity URI). If

Any other parameter will be passed to the template compilation.

Template format

The template is compiled with HandlebarsJS. It must include a title, a content and one or more actions. Every string can be internationalized: the language of the Pod owner will be used.

title: {
en: `{{emitterProfile.vcard:given-name}} invites you to an event "{{}}"`,
fr: `{{emitterProfile.vcard:given-name}} vous invite à une rencontre "{{}}"`
content: '{{activity.object.content}}',
actions: [
caption: {
en: 'View',
fr: 'Voir'
link: '/Event/{{encodeUri}}/show'

The template receive several variables:

  • activity: the activity provided in the send action
  • emitter: the emitter (based on property)
  • emitterProfile: the emitter’s profile, if it exists (based on emitter.url property)
  • Any other data that you pass to the send action

In addition to HandlebarsJS’ built-in helpers, we provide the following helpers: